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H1 Bulbs are easy to recognise by the single spade type metal connector on the base of the bulb and the rectangular shaped mid section. H1 bulbs can also be called 448 bulbs and are suitable for use on dipped beam, main beam and fog lights, they operate at 12 volts and standard bulbs produce a light output of 55 watts. Standard Halogen H1 bulbs are a direct replacement for the H1 headlight bulbs, which were fitted to the car when it was manufactured, however it is now possible to upgrade a standard halogen H1 bulb to a H1 xenon bulb. H1 Xenon bulbs look identical to the halogen bulbs except that they contain xenon gas within the glass section and normally have a precision designed filament to improve the light emitted. When changing your H1 bulbs you have a number of choices. For example, the Autolamps H1 Halogen bulb is manufactured in Germany and comes with the E1 mark denoting that it has undergone stringent testing, whilst the H1 Osram Night Breaker is the latest xenon bulb from Osram and emits up to 90% more light than a standard halogen H1 bulb. If you are looking for a stylish blue tint to your headlights but still want to stay road legal there is H1 Osram Cool Blue or H1 Philips Blue vision. For drivers looking for a considerably brighter light output from their headlights there is a wide range of high wattage headlight bulbs.
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