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The term xenon bulbs can be used to describe two different types of headlight bulbs. Firstly there are HID xenon bulbs, which use a high voltage spark to ignite the bulb, and secondly there are upgrade xenon bulbs, which are designed to replace standard halogen bulbs. The HID xenon bulbs are a relatively new innovation in automotive lighting, and they were first offered as an expensive option on prestige cars like Audi, BMW and Mercedes. It is easy to spot a car that has HID xenon lights fitted, because they produce an incredibly powerful white light with a distinctive blue hue around them.When compared to standard halogen headlight bulbs, which have been around since the 1960's, HID xenon bulbs offer a considerable improvement. They produce 300% more light, that projects over 80 meters further than halogen and emit a much crisper and whiter light that closely resembles natural daylight. With HID xenon lights it is much easier to see the road ahead and spot potential hazards earlier when travelling at night, especially on dark unlit roads, and because the HID bulbs do not have a metal filament they last 10 times longer than halogen headlight bulbs, and draw considerably less power from the vehicle's electrical system.Unfortunately if your headlights use standard halogen bulbs you cannot upgrade them to HID xenon bulbs, because they operate on a different high voltage electrical system and utilise different bulb holders. However you can experience the benefits of xenon by replacing your halogen bulbs with upgrade xenon car bulbs.Upgrade xenon bulbs come very close to matching the extraordinary light output of HID xenon, in fact they can emit up to 90% more light than the halogen and project a light beam almost 40 meters further. Externally, upgrade xenon bulbs look identical to their halogen counterparts, however they contain pressurised xenon gas and a redesigned metal filament within the glass bulb. Because upgrade xenon bulbs operate at the same wattage as halogen bulbs, and are designed to fit in the same bulb holders, you can upgrade your standard headlight bulbs to xenon yourself, without the need to make any changes or modifications. Best off all upgrade xenon bulbs are fairly cheap and completely legal so you can get the look of HID xenon lights for the fraction of the price.
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