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If you are a sport or rally driver, or perhaps just a passionate driver, then you might be interested in the amazing performance of the Ring Rally Sport Bulbs. These bulbs are one of the most powerful and intense headlight bulbs that are currently available on the market. Wonder why? First of all, the Ring Rally Sport Bulbs emit a staggering high-wattage beam that results in a powerful sharp light that resembles natural daylight. As they produce an extreme high-wattage light output, the Ring Rally Sport bulbs are not street legal, i.e. they are not legal for use on UK roads. However, they do make an outstanding and excellent choice for high-performance users such as sport and rally drivers. Apart from their high-performance features and capacities, the Ring Rally Sport Bulbs are also UV protected. This means that they are suitable for high-performance cars with plastic headlight lenses (as UV rays can usually damage or discolour plastic headlight lenses). Moreover, these astounding Ring Rally Sport Bulbs are basically sold just for off-road and show-use ONLY. All in all, these bulbs are not street legal and are thus suitable only for sport and rally drivers. Nevertheless, due to their unique features, they are certainly worth admiring.
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