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Many different things can influence whether you need brand new windscreen wiper blades or not. For example, is your car garaged or is it normally kept out in the open? Whether your car needs new windscreen wiper blades depends on the weather, as changes in the weather can severely impact your car's windscreen wiper blades. For instance, hot sun can harden the windscreen wiper blades' rubber. Winter muck and grit, however, can be abrasive.

On the other hand, gear wipers are said to be vulnerable, mainly since the aerodynamic properties of most cars these days can trigger road debris, kicked up by the rear wheels, and get sucked onto the rear window.

You are probably asking: 'How do I know if I do need brand new windscreen wiper blades?'

Therefore, so as to find out whether you really need brand new windscreen wiper blades, replacing the old ones, you can start by checking whether your vehicle's windscreen wiper blades are 'screeching', or producing a similar sound.

You can check whether your car's windscreen wiper blades are making loud or noticeable 'scraping' noises. If they do, it's likely that the rubber has hardened, even deteriorated with age. Apart from driving you mad with the sharply unpleasant noise, your car's windscreen wiper blades won't be clearing your windscreen as effectively and efficiently as they ought to.
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