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A great number of things can indicate whether or not you need a new set of car wipers and whether you need to replace your old car wipers with new ones right away. If you are able to detect these small 'hints' that show whether you need to get new car wiper blades for your car then you will be in an advantaged position.

For instance, do you usually park your car in a specific parked position for a long period of time? If so, the weather can seriously impact your car wiper blades' rubbers and possibly even destroy them for good. But it's not just the sun that can cause wear to your car's wipers. Rain and snow can also impact your car's wipers.

Over time, the car windscreen wiper blades can deteriorate and you will need to look into purchasing new ones.

In conclusion, check whether your car's wiper blades are in good condition or if the rubber has started to deteriorate and even start sticking to the windscreen. If the wipers do not seem to wipe away the rain or snow from the window, they may have become ineffective and again, they may need replacing. Also, you can check for any 'screeching' sounds or something similar. If your car's wipers make any unusual sounds or noises, then it's definitely time for some new ones.
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