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As these long winter nights draw in you will find that you are using your car lights for longer and longer, especially if you are a professional driver, like a mini cab or taxi driver. Normal headlight bulbs will last approximately 400 hours, and driving around at the moment you will probably have noticed more and more cars with one headlight bulb blown.

When changing blown headlight bulbs you have a choice of bulbs, you could replace them with. either standard bulbs, upgrade xenon bulbs or you could try extreme long life halogen bulbs, but the question is are long life headlight bulbs worth it?

Long life headlight bulbs look identical to standard headlight bulbs, however they are manufactured by using high grade reinforced components. The high quality construction of these long life bulbs means that they have a life over 50% longer than standard headlight bulbs.

Although long life headlight bulbs are slightly more expensive than standard halogen bulbs, they will more than pay for themselves both in terms of lasting longer and also by reducing the cost and hassle of having to change your headlight bulbs too often. This is especially important for professional drivers who work long shifts, where down time spent replacing a blown bulb actually means money lost from potential fares.

ABS Long Life Bulbs are available in H1, H3, H4 and H7 applications, have UV filtered glass and are completely legal for use on UK roads.
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