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If you are looking for a distinctive and stylish look to you car lights then the Osram Cool Blue range of bulbs could be just what you are looking for. The Osram Cool Blue bulbs operate at a colour temperature of around 4000k, giving your headlights a modern and bright bluish- white light, which closely resembles the light produced by gas discharge xenon bulbs. Alongside the obvious styling benefits from these Osram Cool Blue bulbs the blue tinge also has other effects. The blue colour improves the reflective properties of white road markings and signs, meaning they reflect back more clearly and with greater intensity and contrast when driving at night. The Osram Cool Blue headlight bulbs are up to 20% brighter than standard lights, are completely road legal and are available in the following applications: H1, H4, H7, HB3 and HB4. These bulbs are a direct replacement for you existing factory fitted standard halogen headlight bulbs and come with UV filtered glass, making them completely safe for use in vehicles with plastic headlight lenses. Osram also produces a range of Cool Blue sidelight bulbs in both the 501 and 433 bulb applications, which makes them the perfect compliment for either Cool Blue headlight bulbs or the latest Osram Night Breaker xenon bulbs.
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