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Every car deserves a fresh, upgraded look. Xenon bulbs will certainly improve the look of your car and are the ideal accessory for modern vehicles. With Philips X-treme xenons, it will be hard for passers-by not to spot your car - especially at night.

During a car headlight bulbs test in 2007, Auto Express magazine was astonished by the capacity and performance of Philips X-treme Power xenon bulbs. The magazine soon after named them 'The 2007 Auto Express Car Accessory of the Year' and thus made them the most popular brand of xenon bulbs available on the market.

However, there are numerous reasons behind the growing popularity of this brand. Firstly, the Philips X-treme Power xenon bulbs produce an amazingly powerful light that is up to 80% brighter than that of standard halogen bulbs. Furthermore, they are a direct replacement for your factory-fitted halogen bulbs. If your car has plastic headlight lenses, then the Philips X-treme Power xenon bulbs are the xenon bulbs for you. All Philips X-treme Power xenon bulbs are UV protected and thus block damaging UV rays that can damage or discolour your plastic headlight lenses.
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