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There are many brands of Xenon bulbs available in the market. The new models of many prestige cars come already fitted with Xenon bulbs. Even the halogen bulbs in older models of cars can be replaced relatively easily. Although care must be taken not to touch the bulbs themselves as the dirt and grease on your hands could cause them to explode when they are used!

One brand of Xenon bulb is the Osram Cool Blue H1. This type of bulb provides about 20% more light than the normal H1 bulbs. These bulbs emit light which has a slight bluish tinge. The xenon bulbs of this brand can be installed with ease and they can also replace the halogen bulbs (H1). The Osram xenon bulbs are legal and can be used on roads in the UK and European countries.

The important features of these Osram Cool Blue H1 Xenon bulbs are:

These bulbs produce high intensity light at a very high temperature.
They produce about 20% brighter light.
These bulbs are UV protected.
These bulbs are legal and are fit to be used in the European countries and also the UK.
The bulbs can be used in cars with plastic lenses.
These bulbs can also be used in modern cars with clear glass.
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