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Many cars on the road today have dirty headlights. Therefore, you should get them repaired or cleaned professionally as they can reduce your vision when driving at night, which is dangerous for you and other motorists. If you have dirty headlights then it can reduce your night vision by as much as 90%, which can result in accidents. You need to fix or repair the headlights on your car before you drive it.

Your headlights should be at their proper position in order to adequately light the road. They can reduce your vision even if they are off by a slight angle. You can professionally calibrate your lenses by visiting your local garage. It should not prove to be very expensive as no new parts will be needed, and it can be done quickly. Re-aiming the headlights also improves their functionality as it involves cleaning out the reflectors inside the headlight. You can also use cleaners to brighten up the plastic.

You may want to consider Xenon headlights as replacement bulbs after restoring, repairing, cleaning and aiming your lenses. They prove to be very effective and cost efficient. They have the ability to increase brightness by up to 90% over regular halogen bulbs.

Good strong headlights are essential for safe driving at night. If you want your night travel to be safe, and your car to look good, then you should consider Xenon bulbs for your car headlights.
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