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Most cars roll out of the factory with standard fitted halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are fine for many cars, if you don't have particularly high expectations from your car headlights. When your car is fitted with standard halogen headlights, you're able to see the road up ahead, but it's not particularly clear. You have to strain to see road signs, and road markings blend into the road easily. Your concentration is taken up with trying to differentiate the road from the side of the road.

It's dangerous driving at night in poorly lit areas with standard halogen headlights.

There is a solution though, a solution to using inferior car headlights. Xenon bulbs are far superior to halogen bulbs, offering as much as three times more light, 300% brighter. This means that your way ahead is illuminated far better with Xenon car headlights than with halogen. You can see the road clearly, you can see pedestrians clearly, and you can see road signs without having to strain your eyes.

Why settle for an inferior headlight for your prized car when you have the vastly superior Xenon bulbs fitted instead?
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