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The Ring Rally Sport and Ring Sportz Blue headlight bulbs, form part of a range of high wattage car bulbs from Ring that are designed for tough environments, and are used by professional drivers who require a much more powerful beam of light to better illuminate the darkness.Standard headlight bulbs have normal power output of around 55 watts of power, however the Ring Rally Sport and Sportz Blue bulbs are available in much higher outputs, ranging from 80 to 130 watts. This means that these high wattage bulbs can produce an intense beam of light that is over twice as powerful as a standard headlight bulb.Because of their potential to emit such a powerful light both the Ring Sportz Blue and Rally Sport bulbs are not legal for use on public roads, as they could easily temporarily blind or dazzle oncoming drivers. It is important to note that using these high wattage bulbs on public roads could affect insurance cover or lead to the cancellation of the vehicle's operating license.Despite not being street legal these high wattage car bulbs have a versatility and ruggedness that means they have a wide range of possible applications, which includes use in the rescue services, agriculture and forestry, construction, off road 4x4's and motor sport.The Ring Rally Sport headlight bulbs are some of the most powerful and intense headlight bulbs that are currently available on the market. They typically come in 100 or 130 watt light power outputs and are available in H1, H3, H4 and H7 bulb applications. They produce a very sharp white light that resembles natural daylight that can really penetrate into the night, and are very popular with rally drivers when competing on tough night stages.The Ring Sportz Blue headlight bulbs are not quite as powerful as the Rally Sport range because they come in outputs ranging from just 80 to 100 watts. However they do have a very dark blue tint on the glass bulb, which will ensure that your headlights will radiate a very strong and stylish blue beam of light. Typically Sportz Blue bulbs are used by drivers who want a very unique night time look from their vehicle.Both the Ring Sportz Blue and Rally Sport bulbs come with UV cut glass and so are completely safe to use with all headlights, even if they have plastic lenses. However because of their high power outputs it is a good idea to check that your wiring is adequate if you plan to use them for long periods. For example to power the 100 watt headlight bulbs you should have wiring suitable for 20 amps of loading.
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