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Xenon lamps are widely being used as car headlights and sidelights in recent times. The xenon lamps produce light of basically two kinds of intensity: a low intensity one, which throws light on a wider area as well as giving clear vision. the second one is the high intensity lamp, which covers a larger area.

There are specific reasons behind their growing popularity. Some of the reasons are:

The xenon bulbs last much longer than ordinary bulbs, which generally have argon inside in them.
The capacity of allowing heat to pass through the argon or krypton filled lamps is much more as compared to a lamp filled with xenon, which is not conducive. This means that the xenon lamps are more efficient and the energy lost is the bare minimum.
The atomic size of xenon is greater than that of argon and krypton. Hence xenon can send back the electrons to the tungsten filament in the lamp, which evaporates owing to the generation of heat in the lamp.
Using a thicker filament in the xenon bulbs not only increases the life of the bulb but also a higher temperature can be used.
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