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Are you one of those people who think their car looks dull? Well, there is no need to feel desperate - there is a solution. Why not upgrade your headlights with xenon bulbs? This will certainly help to 'upgrade' your car's appearance. Once you fit a pair of xenon bulbs to your vehicle, you'll notice the difference immediately when driving at night. You may be wondering how can car headlight bulbs change or impact a car's overall look? The powerful, bright and crisp light output produced by xenon bulbs can change your car's look for the better as these bulbs are incredibly stylish. For example, you can fit a pair of Osram Cool Blue or ABS Cobalt Blue bulbs to your headlights as they are both extremely bright, powerful - and most importantly - stylish. The light output improvement on these bulbs (when compared to standard halogen bulbs) is 20% and 30% respectively. There's no doubt they will look great on your car, regardless of the car's age. When it comes to style and improvement, xenons are the number one bulbs. And with the blue tint, which also helps to reflect white road markings more clearly to a driver, this kind of light output will look absolutely fabulous on any vehicle.
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