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Both science and technology are rapidly advancing in terms of usage in every domain of life. The automotive industry is by no means an exception to this innovative flux. The industry itself is trying to switch over from the use of standard halogen headlights in vehicles to the more efficient and powerful Xenon lamps. As an inert gas, Xenon has unique properties which enable it to be used as a highly advanced replacement for the standard halogen bulbs. Ultimately, you'll probably want to know the reasons why Xenon headlights are in much greater demand in comparison to standard halogen bulbs? The Xenon lights have an obvious advantage over the standard halogen bulbs in terms of longevity as well as clarity of vision. The disadvantages in the use of standard halogen bulbs are numerous. One such disadvantage is the filament of standard halogen lights. Although a proper voltage is properly maintained and the tungsten particles tend to return in the filament on cooling, the constant use of this filament in fact reduces its life, i.e. its longevity. On the other hand, Xenon bulbs produce a much whiter and brighter light by passing a stabilised current through the xenon gas.
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