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Apart from Upgrade Xenon bulbs, there are other kinds of Xenons that you can install to make night time driving far more pleasurable. These Xenons are car bulbs that emit a shiny blue light output that can enable you to see road signs and markings clearly. One of these Xenon bulb types that emit a shiny blue light are Osram Cool Blue Bulbs, also known as the Osram Cool Blue Xenons. These particular Xenon Bulbs generate a shiny, blue 'coating' over the glass section, thus giving both bulbs a bluish tint. This bluish tint makes the car look far more unique, as well as stylish. Furthermore, apart from giving your car a more stylish look, the Osram Cool Blue Xenon Bulbs will also make driving at night a lot more enjoyable. The bluish light generated by the Osram Cool Blue Bulbs will enable you to see things well. Many car drivers today decide on Osram Cool Blue Xenons because they emit powerful bluish Xenon light and it looks good in the dark. When it comes to night time driving, the Osram Cool Blue Bulbs will surely show you the way home.
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