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Squeaking and rubbing car windscreen wiper blades can be very annoying and disturbing. They can rather easily distract you when you are out on the road and it is raining. Also, your other car passengers may find them annoying and distracting as well. There are some very useful tips and tricks that will help you stop your wipers from squeaking.

Basically, when you clean your car's windscreen wiper blades, try cleaning them thoroughly. You can clean them with either vinegar or baking soda. When using baking soda in order to clean your car's windscreen wiper blades, sprinkle it on a dry or damp paper towel - and the rest is pretty much simple.

Car windscreen wipers can start squeaking if you don't replace them regularly enough. So, it is very important that you replace you car's windscreen wiper blades or regularly. Wiper blades are not terrible expensive, so you might as well get good ones for your car. Replace them as soon as they become less effective and no longer clear the rain or snow from your window.

You can also check if your car's wiper blades or the wiper assemblies under them are too loose or too tight. It's very possible this could be causing the squeaking. Also, don't forget to refill the windscreen washer fluid. Try doing it a bit more regularly, as your car's windscreen wipers won't be of any help to you when cleaning dirt from the window if the fluid tank is empty.
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