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It is amazing how technology today is providing people with unimaginable luxurious of life. Car accessories have also come a long way as the leading manufacturers are producing high-end luxury cars. One aspect of these high-end vehicles is the use of Xenon bulbs. Chemically Xenon is an inert gas and belongs to the group of noble gas elements. It does not react with other elements.

Xenon helps in the production of a high powered light, using less wattage. The mechanism behind the production of light by using Xenon gas is that it is introduced into a glass tube which has electrodes and with the help of an electric arc, a light of high voltage is produced - about three times more than the halogen lamps.

There are basically two types of Xenon lamps- High Intensity Discharge headlights and the Xenon lamps. In HID there is no filament and the gas is heated by applying a high voltage until it burns and produces light. The light glows in a manner that resembles sunlight and hence looks impressive when used in cars.

As far as the legality of use of HID is concerned, most new cars are fitted with HID lamps and they are legal. One must be careful about fake HID bulbs manufactured by some companies.
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