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Does your car have good head lights? Do you face any problems with your car headlights? Are you tired of replacing your car headlights regularly? You do not have to worry as Xenon lights can help you get rid of these problems. Nowadays with science and technology bringing in more innovations, one can have the best and most efficient head lights as well as break lights.

The basic difference between the halogen bulb and xenon bulb is that Xenon gas is filled in the bulb instead of halogen gas. xenon bulbs also contain a filament which helps in the production of light. It produces a crisp white light as compared to a halogen bulb, which emits a yellow light.

Normal headlight bulbs, even including xenon headlight bulbs, run at somewhere between 50-65 watts (denoting the power output a bulb). You can also go for high wattage bulbs that operate at 100-130 watts. These are exceedingly bright and are not road legal. But they are popular with off-road users, such as sports car users and rally drivers. Since these bulbs are extremely powerful, they invariably operate at higher temperatures. In spite of reinforced components they do not last as long as standard headlight bulbs.
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