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Chemically, Xenon is an inert gas and belongs to the group of noble gas elements. It does not react with other elements. But it's amazing how Xenon helps in production of light of high power using less wattage.

The mechanism behind the production of light by using Xenon gas is as follows: It is introduced in a glass tube which has electrodes and with the help of an electric arc, a high voltage light is produced which is about three times brighter than halogen bulbs. Xenon bulbs use less energy but produce a powerful bright light. Xenon gas belongs to the noble gas of elements. it is inert in nature but can be ionised in order to produce a high quality and powerful light.

One must be careful about cheaper HID bulbs manufactured by some companies. As far as the legalities of the use of HID are concerned, most new cars are fitted with HID lamps and they are legal. But you're looking to purchase a conversion kit and replace the halogen bulbs in your car's headlights, it is considered illegal.
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