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Do your vehicle's windscreen wipers create any unusual or unpleasant noises? If your answer is yes, then this may means it is time for you to replace the old car windscreen wiper blades with new wipers. sticking with your damaged or deteriorated wipers, i.e. those that 'screech' is no good at all. They will be of no use as they are not working to full efficiency. They will by not necessarily clean your car's front or back windows.

There are many ways you can detect whether or not it's time to replace the current car wiper blades with new ones. One of them is looking for and checking for any unusual sounds and noises. If you find that your car's wipers are either 'screeching' or making a loud sound you should look to install a new set of wipers.

What is more, if your car's wipers produce these sounds and noises, this may indicate that the wipers' rubbers (or rubber blades) have hardened and hence they will not work properly- they will not clean your front or back window. The rubbers can harden if your car is out on the sun for quite a while.

Therefore, you may need to replace your current car wipers with new ones in order to get the maximum efficiency out of them.
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