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Most cars driven on the roads today come with factory fitted halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are fine for providing your car with satisfactory headlights for driving at night, however satisfactory isn't always the best option you can have. When it comes to providing car accessories for your pride and joy, you want the best, not satisfactory!

With upgrade Xenon bulbs you have the option of providing the very best for your car. Xenon bulbs are much more powerful than standard halogen bulbs, providing up to 90% more light than the factory fitted, standard bulbs.

The best part about the replacement Xenon headlights is that they don't require any specialist knowledge to fit. The bulbs simply slot into the headlight as a direct replacement for your halogen bulbs, meaning that with little fuss you can add seriously more power to your headlights, given your car a much brighter look in moments.

One tip when installing the Xenon bulbs yourself would be to ensure that you don't handle the bulbs with your bare hands as you can leave grease from your fingers, which can heat up when the bulb is lit, causing it to burst. When fitting the bulbs you should wear latex gloves to avoid leaving any chemical residue from your fingers.

Other than that, upgrading your Xenon bulbs yourself is easy!
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