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There are hundreds of different makes and models of vehicles on the road today. Many of these vehicles use headlights equipped with halogen lamps. Most cars come installed with low intensity halogen bulbs when they are delivered from the factory. Having brighter head lights can provide better visibility on the roads, even in extreme weather conditions. It's no surprise then that more and more people are changing over to Xenon bulbs from their existing halogen bulbs.

Xenon bulbs are an alternative to halogen bulbs and are much more efficient. They produce 3 times more light than the normal halogen bulbs. The best advantage of xenon bulbs over halogen bulbs, and other ordinary lights, is that they consume less power and produce a higher wattage output. Thus investing in xenon bulbs for your headlights can prove to be very beneficial.

Xenon lights, being more powerful, increase the driver's visibility even in sheer darkness. hence they help in preventing accidents in extreme weather conditions. Xenon bulbs are made on the same principle as halogen and incandescent bulbs. Inside the bulb, a small tungsten wire is heated which produces light. Previously, Argon gas was used inside the gas chamber, but now Xenon is used. It is time that you switched over to for more effective, brighter and longer lasting output.
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