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Are you car wipers working slowly? Have you recently turned your car wipers on and found that they're not working very efficiently? Well, it's only a sign that you car wipers need repairing or your windscreen wiper blades need replacing.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to run to the mechanic in order to get them working properly again. The answer to the problem may be much simpler, in fact. If your car wipers are working slowly, it indicates that you should either clean them properly - removing any excess dirt from the mechanism, or alternatively you should look into buying a new set of windscreen wiper blades.

If you use your car wipers frequently then they can wear over time. There may also be a problem with the wiper mechanism resulting in your car's windscreen wipers working notably slower - but this is more rare. It can be extremely irritating when the wipers start to squeak, not to mention how dangerous and risky it may be, especially when driving in really bad weather.

For that matter, check your car wipers regularly, even if you don't need to use them. In order for car wipers to work correctly and efficiently, it's mandatory that you use them on a regular daily basis, even if it is to check there is still windscreen washer fluid in the tank to clean the window. If not, your wipers' rubbers will harden. And regardless of whether you're in need of your car wipers or not, you can at least turn them on to check they are working properly in case you need to use them in the near future .
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