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Generally, the main problem that car drivers' face with regard to their vehicle's car windscreen wipers not working properly and that problem is the car wipers' squeaking. If you happen to have a problem with that, don't be desperate as there is a solution, a very easy one. Squeaking car wipers can be fixed very easily. If you car wipers are squeaking, all you have to do is clean them. The only thing you need to do is clean your wipers' rubber blades and they should hopefully stop squeaking when trying to clear rain or snow form the windscreen. It's very important that you clean your wipers' rubbers. instead of cleaning your windscreen. dirty car wipers will only make it even dirtier and driving with a very dirty windscreen is by all means unacceptable, as well as highly dangerous.

Car wipers can get dirty. If you have run out of windscreen washer fluid then it will make the wiper blades ineffective when trying to remove this dirt. Thereby, it's only possible and predictable that all the dirt remains on your wipers' rubbers or rubber blades, long after the wipers' cleaning process. If the squeaking continues despite cleaning, then the wiper blades may be old and worn then it may be time to replace them with a new set of windscreen wiper blades.
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