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In this new technology-driven age, everything changes in a jiffy and technology is on a constant innovation flux. In keeping with the trend, the automotive industry is quickly evolving and innovating at every step. Today you will find the finest automotive technology that is inspiring and amazing. In fact, the advent of technology has also had a positively impact on the car accessory industry.

Take for example the evolution of headlights and bulbs. Automobile manufacturers have come up with better and powerful headlights. One such revolutionary technology is the Xenon bulb. Since its inception in BMW cars in the 90's this technology has increased in terms of consumer demand and popularity. Xenon bulbs are much better than your regular factory fitted halogen counterparts.

Xenon bulbs are car bulbs filled with Xenon gas, instead of halogen, and this gives:

Brighter, whiter light
Decreased wattage of the product
Improved vision up to 90%

Xenon bulbs and replacement bulbs come in two different styles. One is designed for the aesthetic factor (with the blue tint), and the other is designed for maximum light output. Both the forms are equally effective and boast longevity.
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