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Xenon is a noble gas, which is inert in nature and found in very small quantities in the atmosphere. Nowadays, this gas finds a wide range of application in industry. It is used in the automotive industry in headlight bulbs.

Most vehicles with ordinary halogen headlight bulbs can have them replaced with xenon upgrade bulbs. But why should you do this? What are the benefits?

The main benefit is that xenon upgrade bulbs are up to 90 per cent brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs. Despite this, they are of a similar wattage to halogen bulbs - typically 55 watts. They also have a similar longevity to halogens - about 350-400 hours. The other great benefit about xenon upgrade bulbs is that you can fit them yourself. You don't need special knowledge or equipment. You just need the information that comes with the bulb.

So why not upgrade from your old halogen bulbs and take advantage of better light output from your headlights, ensuring improved visibility and therefore a safer drive. You should be able to find some for an affordable price.
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