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Every now and then, we come to terms with the importance of the headlight bulbs we use on our cars. Every time we're driving down a dark road, we see how important car bulbs are as they enable us to see the road ahead, signs on the side of the road, and the twists and turns of the road. Every time we find ourselves behind the wheel of our car in the middle of a storm, when it's either snowing or raining, we see how important car bulbs really are. They are useful, and in contrast to many other car accessories, they can save your life when you need them most. Leather seats are more for impressing people, and a loud stereo, piercing your ears from behind, is usually for impressing, well, ourselves. But it's different with car bulbs. they actually give us something in return. They give safety. But not all bulbs ensure safety while driving. For instance, halogen car bulbs are not the safest types of car bulbs whilst driving. Halogen bulbs have a dim, yellowish light output that can make it difficult to see the road up ahead. Instead of choosing inferior halogen bulbs for your car, you should be opting for Xenon bulbs, which provide up to 3 times more light than halogen bulbs.
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