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Have you ever been on the road at night and found your eyes getting heavy, your concentration waning and your yearning for your bed growing stronger? It's very easily done, and many drivers experience the same feeling. It's often felt by people who drive for a living, such as taxi drivers, delivery drivers or even sales reps. When you spend most of your day on the road you can become tired very easily, which is of course very dangerous.

It doesn't help when you're travelling on poorly lit roads, as many stretches of motorway in the UK are, with the only light you can see being in the car headlights of the oncoming cars and the light cast by your own headlights.

In order to make sure you don't start to fall asleep you want to ensure that your car headlights cast as much light as possible. this means replacing your standard car halogen car headlight bulbs. If you replace your factory fitted halogen headlight bulbs with Xenon bulbs, you're replacing them with bulbs that are up to 300% brighter, which mean you can see much further without straining.

This makes driving at night far safer, all for the sake of replacing your halogen bulbs with Xenon bulbs.
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