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Driving should be an enjoyable experience but you should always ensure that you are driving in safe conditions. Care should always be taken to drive safely. You need to make sure that the light emitted by the head lights and the brake lights is bright enough and that your indicator lights function properly.

Older versions of headlights include halogen or krypton lights, which were considered good, but now with advancements in science and technology it has been found that the xenon bulbs give a much better performance. These bulbs have several advantages over the halogen or krypton lights.

The xenon bulb consists of electrodes placed inside the bulb and the xenon gas is introduced inside the bulb. The filament inside the bulb is made of tungsten. With the help of an electric arc current that passes through the bulb to produce electrons. This results in brighter, whiter light. It's no surprise that more and more people are switching over to xenon headlights.

The xenon bulbs come in both high intensity bulbs and low intensity bulbs. Low intensity xenon bulb helps to cover a wider area, which makes night driving safe and easy.
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