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Car head lamps are actually bulbs encased in glass. the only variation is in the type of bulbs they use. As far as modern technology is concerned, the use of xenon lamps is a rather recent phenomenon in the automobile industry.

Until very recently, people were using halogen lights, but they are gradually switching to Xenon bulbs and this is despite the fact that they are more expensive than the halogen bulbs. The switchover is for some obvious reasons - it is the cost efficiency of the xenon bulbs that is compelling people to use them.

Xenon bulbs have several other advantages over halogen bulbs. The quality of xenon bulbs is far more superior to halogen bulbs. These bulbs, white in colour, spread light over a larger area. They seem neat and compact. Not only this, they also consume less energy.

With xenon bulbs fitted as the headlamps it helps the person behind the wheel to read signs with ease and to see further when it is dark. Also, the driver can focus much better and drive comfortably, especially during the night. Another beneficial aspect of xenon bulbs is their durability - they last much longer than the halogen alternatives.
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