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Every innovation helps in getting better and more reliable products. Lighting technology plays a very important role in the motor industry. There are three major technologies used today, LED (Light Emitting Diode), Halogen, and HID (High Intensity Discharge)/Xenon lights.

HID/Xenon lights are the most popular lighting technology used today. HID Xenon headlights light up when an electrical charge ignites the gas which is closely sealed. In LED lamps, semiconductors are used that gets heated as the LED glows.

In the case of Halogen bulbs, a tungsten filament is kept in an electrical contact. The bulb is filled with argon gas. When the argon gas ignites with the tungsten filament, light is produced. However, it is not very efficient and consumes a lot of power.

The latest innovation in car lighting technology, HID/Xenon bulbs, uses the same technology as that of halogen bulbs but instead of argon, xenon gas is used, which is much more efficient and effective than halogen. Xenon bulbs are rated at the same wattage as the existing bulbs and these bulbs are fully E-marked. The biggest advantage of Xenon bulbs is that they produce light that is brighter than other bulbs.
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