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There are two types of Xenon bulbs available for your car: HID (High Intensity Discharge) Headlights and the standard upgrade Xenon Bulbs. HID Xenon Bulbs contain no filament - the gas is heated by applying a high voltage, 20,000 volts in fact, until it sparks and produces a light. Then the voltage drops.

Xenon (as a gas) belongs to the group of noble gas elements. Xenon helps in the production of brighter light by using less wattage when used in HID Xenon bulbs, but the same wattage as Halogen lights when used in Upgrade Xenon Bulbs. The mechanism behind this particular production of light (by using xenon gas) is actually introduced into a glass tube which contains electrodes, producing a clean white light with the help of an electric arc.

As for the installing of HID Xenon headlights, you should consult a mechanic or technician if you're unsure as they do require specialist knowledge. However, if you're looking to install Upgrade Xenon Bulbs you can easily add those to your car yourself with minimal fuss and effort.
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