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Most cars today leave the factory fitted with a set of halogen bulbs. Generally, standard halogen bulbs are 'average' car headlight bulbs, meaning they are suitably good for daytime driving - but less effective when it comes to night driving. In addition to that, if your car is fitted with a set of halogen car bulbs, it's very likely you'll be replacing them more often. Xenon bulbs last between 300-400 hours.

So, all in all, halogen car bulbs produce a weaker, dim light output. For that matter, if you've got halogen car bulbs fitted to your car, it may be time for you to replace them and choose something better and more stylish.

Of course, that 'something' would undoubtedly be Xenon headlight bulbs, or 'Upgrade Xenon Bulbs.' Basically, Upgrade Xenon Bulbs are a set of car headlight bulbs which are a direct replacement for standard halogen car bulbs. They generate a brighter light output (up to 90% brighter), are perfectly road legal and you can easily fit them yourself. They are unique, very powerful and Xenons are widely considered the most efficient car headlight bulbs you can buy.
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