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It's not a sin if you still haven't realised the use of xenon in bulbs and how it actually helps in the production of brightness of a much higher quality. In general, xenon is a noble gas, inert in nature, and found in very small quantities in the air. Today this gas tends to find a wide application in the motor industry.

It is basically introduced in a glass bulb containing two electrodes. With the help of an electric arc, high voltage is introduced in the glass in order to generate dazzlingly white brightness.

Nowadays, Xenon Bulbs seem to find their application in cars of various kinds, sports cars in particular. Modern drivers of high performance cars, who always want their cars to be attractive, often switch over to Xenon Bulbs rather than the current standard halogen bulbs. Luckily, there is an outstandingly wide range of high-wattage Xenon Bulbs that produce light of very high intensity available today.

Generally, Xenon Bulbs come in both high intensity and low intensity. An interesting and quite important feature about low-intensity Xenon Bulbs is the fact that they actually help to cover a wider area, making night driving safer and easier.
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