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Ever thought about upgrading your current halogen headlight bulbs? Well, there are many xenon upgrade bulbs that can help you with that. In fact, you will receive numerous benefits by replacing your old car headlights with xenon upgrade bulbs. These upgrades are highly efficient and yet affordable. They also provide a far better intensity of light for much the same power consumption. In some cases the increase in light output can lead to as much as 90% more brightness. If you want to modify your old car and improve its performance, you should indeed install xenon upgrade bulbs. After all, it can prove to be an outstanding modification. You should always buy xenon bulbs from a reputable dealer so as to avoid any kind of issues or reliability problems. You can fit xenon upgrade bulbs yourself as it is not dangerous to do so. Upgrade bulbs will typically last for 350 to 400 hours, which is much the same as the lifespan of halogen bulbs, only you will be benefiting from increased light output throughout this time.
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