Our Performance Car Lights includes both Angel Eye Headlights and Rear Lexus Lights, which can really transform the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a stylish, fresh and modern look.

The Angel Eye Headlights are easily recognised by the distinctive bright halo of light, which surrounds the projector headlights. Our range of Angel Eye Headlights are specifically designed for each make and model, including BMW Angel Eyes and Fiat Angel Eyes , so they are a quick and easy direct replacement for you existing headlights – simply remove your dull old headlight units and install the bright new Angel Eye Headlights to give your vehicle a stylish night time look with the Angel Eyes halo glow. To complete the transformation we would also recommend you upgraded your standard tail lights to rear Lexus Lights to get a really stylish and modern look.

As their name suggest the rear Lexus Lights first appeared on the Lexus IS series of cars, however their popularity means that the Lexus Lights style has been included in many manufacturers new models ever since. Our Lexus Lights range is built the same quality as our Angel Eye Headlights Range, meaning that these rear Lexus Lights are designed for each individual make and model, including Peugeot Lexus Lights and Ford Lexus Lights, making them quick and easy to fit.

All of our Angel Eye Headlights and Rear Lexus Lights lights are UK spec and designed for right hand drive cars. Both the Angel Eye Headlights and Lexus Lights are E marked and completely road legal in the UK and across Europe, and will pass a UK MOT. These Angel Headlights and Lexus Lights units are designed to be quick and easy to fit, with a simple plug and play design.

Simply click on either the Angel Eye Headlights or Rear Lexus Lights images below and then select your make and model to see the exciting ranges available for your vehicle.