LEDs, lasers, etc. are some of the technologies that have been implemented into car bulbs; as the technology advances, there will surely be a rapid rate of adaptation in every aspect because everyone wants the best and newest available technologies.

  1. There is a technology, halogen bulbs are very similar to electric bulbs and can be found in any household. The halogen bulb uses halogen gas to increase the brightness of it. These bulbs don’t exactly prove to be very efficient because a lot of energy is wasted because it produces heat and not a lot of energy is used producing light. The halogen bulbs which are used in cars and even bikes usually give out a yellowish light and even though the technology is more than 50 years old and is indeed widely used. When it comes to brightness, halogen bulbs usually throw out light reaching up to 100metres.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Xenon headlights are also referred to as HID (high-intensity discharge), xenon lamps are very similar to the ubiquitous tube lights. In this one, there is no filament that can be heated up at all; instead, the xenon gas gets electrically charged up. This will give out a bluish-white light, which is very close to natural lighting. Xenon lights are admittedly more expensive than halogens because they seem to last longer and are also incredibly efficient. With some lights and this one as well there is a small delay before they can reach peak brightness. They make up for this with efficiency.
  3. Bi-xenon headlights means there are two. The bi-xenon headlight uses one xenon light for the high-beam which is later moved or shaded every time a low beam is needed. Therefore a bi-xenon light is sometimes way cheaper and also will take up less space in the lamp place.                                                           
  4. LED headlights have the ability to light up instantly; they don’t need a couple of seconds to warm up or anything, and also they are amazingly efficient and will last a lot longer than any of the other entries in this list. Thus, they are always used in tail-lights and also many daytime running lights. Most manufacturers use LEDs for low beams while some use them for both high beams and low beams.                                                                                             
  5. Laser lights have proven to be the brightest on the list and will also project the light the farthest when compared to other lights. These lights will stimulate the gas with the laser beam and will glow extremely bright, which will emit a glowing light. This light is actually wholly and amazingly blinding when directly looked at. This technology is indeed new and is used only in a few luxury cars across the globe; they are also quite expensive.