As their name suggests these stylish rear Lexus Lights lights first appeared on the Lexus range of vehicles, however we now offer a wide range of the latest Lexus Lights for various vehicle makes and models, allowing you to modernise your tail lights and give them a distinctive and modern lexus style lights look. Our Lexus Lights also come with a choice of either a chrome or black background finish, so you can tailor the look of your tail lights to your individual needs

All of the rear Lexus Lights within our ranges are designed to be directly interchangeable with your existing tail lights thanks to their plug and play design. To install these rear lights simply unplug and remove your old tail lights and install these new Lexus Lights in their place.

We know you only want to fit the best tail lights to your vehicle so all of our Lexus Lights units are specifically designed for the UK market and come complete with rubber seals (where appropriate) to ensure a watertight finish. All of these rear Lexus Lights are also E marked meaning they will pass a UK MOT without any problems. The lexus lights range comes complete with a 12 month warranty. We also stock a wide range of Angel Eye Headlights to help you complete your vehicle’s transformation.