Upgrade Car Bulbs

Upgrade Car Bulbs are a direct replacement for the 12v bulbs that were fitted to you car as standard when it left the factory. Through high quality components and precision design these upgrade car bulbs will dramatically improve the output from your car lights, for example the latest Osram Night Breaker headlight bulbs produce up to 90% more light than standard halogen headlight bulbs and are completely road legal.

Upgrade Car Bulbs Are A Direct Replacement For Your Existing Car Bulbs

These Car Bulbs can be used to upgrade headlight bulbs, sidelight bulbs, fog light bulbs and indicator bulbs. For example the latest upgrade headlight xenon bulbs, like the Osram Night Breaker and Philips Extreme Power, use xenon gas instead of standard halogen gas to improve performance, whilst the Osram Cool Blue sidelight bulbs will improve the light output from your sidelight bulbs, whilst also giving them a modern blue xenon tint.

Alongside the upgrade headlight xenon bulbs and sidelight bulbs the upgrade car bulbs range also includes high wattage fog light bulbs like the Ring Sportz Blue which, although being too powerful for UK roads, are excellent for off road vehicles like 4x4 and rally cars. The upgrade indicator bulbs range includes the Osram Diadem car bulbs, which are designed to work with modern clear headlight lenses, and so these clever indicator bulbs appear silver but will flash orange when in use.

Decide On Either Performance Upgrade Car Bulbs Or Economical Standard Car Bulbs

Alongside these upgrade 12v bulbs we also have a Standard Car Bulbs range if you just what to replace an existing bulb with an exact replacement, and although these 12v bulbs do not have the high performance light output of upgrade car bulbs they are still of a very high quality but at a more economical price.

If you are unsure which 12v bulbs are fitted to you car we have a Car Bulbs Finder at the top right hand side of this site which will show you all of your options for either fitting standard or upgrade car bulbs.