Upgrade Headlight Xenon Bulbs

Headlight Xenon Bulbs are designed to be replacement bulbsenon bulbs for the halogen headlight bulbs which would have fitted to your car as standard when it left the manufacturers factory. Unlike standard halogen headlight bulbs these upgrade headlight xenon bulbs contain xenon gas and precision engineered filaments. This means that the latest xenon bulbs like the Philips Extreme Power and Osram Night Breaker emit up to 90% more light than standard 12v headlight bulbs. These headlight bulbs are designed to be direct replacements meaning that they are simple to fit and will require no specialist tools or knowledge.

Upgrade Headlight Xenon Bulbs are Completely Road Legal

All of these upgrade headlight xenon bulbs come with the European Standards E mark, are completely road legal on UK and European roads and will not cause any problems passing a UK MOT. Xenon Bulbs like the Philips Extreme Power are designed to put maximum light onto the road, whilst headlight bulbs in the Osram Cool Blue range are designed to give a modern blue hue to your headlights. Installation of these xenon bulbs is very straightforward, simply remove your standard halogen bulbs and insert these new 12v xenon headlight bulbs in their place.

Combine Headlight Xenon Bulbs with Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs

These upgrade xenon bulbs can be used to replace both dipped and main beam headlight bulbs and fog light bulbs. Xenon headlight bulbs also compliment perfectly our wide range of Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs, which are available in either power white and stylish cool blue tints. For drivers looking for standard replacement 12v headlight bulbs we also have a Standard Headlight Bulbs, which although not as powerful as these upgrade xenon bulbs make a very economical replacement.