These Chrome Indicator Bulbs have been made to compliment the modern clear glass or plastic car light lenses, which are increasing in popularity as car manufacturers seek to expand their car lights designs. Whilst clear lenses look very modern and stylish they also make the standard Orange Indicator Bulbs stand out quite considerably, which can ruin the overall crisp and clean effect.

Chrome Indicator Bulbs for Style & Performance

Standard orange indicator bulbs in modern clear plastic headlight units can result in an unstylish Fried Egg appearance, due to the orange tint on the standard indicator bulbs. These Chrome Indicator Bulbs remove this problem through a special chrome glass coating, the glass on these 12v bulbs will appear silver, and blend in with a the headlight unit when not in use, and then light up orange, just like a normal orange indicator bulb, when in use. We offer both the Osram Diadem and ABS Silver Style 12v bulbs within our upgrade Chrome Indicator Bulbs.

Chrome Indicator Bulbs are easy to Fit and Completely Road Legal

Both the Osram Diadem and ABS Silver Style indicator bulbs can be used as direct replacements for standard indicator bulbs, they come fully E marked and are completely safe to use with plastic headlight lenses. Alongside the Osram Diadem bulbs we also have the latest headlight Xenon Bulbs from Osram called the Osram Night Breaker, and for drivers looking to improve the overall look and performance of their car lights we also have the latest super bright LED Sidelight Bulbs

Although both the 581 and 382 chrome indicator bulbs look identical the base of each bulb does differ, so please check the owners handbook or consult our Car Bulbs Finderto find out which Chrome Indicator Bulbs you need..